Hello, and welcome to my Humanities Portfolio. I’d like to say thank you to my unit professors: Professor Denham, Professor Ingram, Professor Munger, and Professor Tamura most recently. I would also like to thank Professor Robb for hosting Common Hour brunches and Professor Ewington for introducing me and other Hamsters to St. Petersburg and Moscow. An especially big thanks to the Humes Fellows who helped me navigate the Humes course as well as my introductory experiences at Davidson. The mentors and my peers have and continue to make my freshman year unforgettable.  In this portfolio, I experiment with new concepts and honed some known skills. The tabs at the top direct to specific parts. I recommend going through the posts in the order of the menu but feel free to view in any fashion you choose. This portfolio parallels my first year in that I tried a lot of new things and some worked out better than others, but that only encourages me to try more. Thank you for visiting my portfolio. I hope you enjoy!

—   Nick Boyd